[DUMP] HTC Verizon Droid DNA System Dump


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Jan 28, 2013
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Hello computer doctor, sorry to bother u on this thread i was on another thread where u posted a RUU to fix the droid DNA, however when i click to download it didnt download the RUU, it shows to download a file called "CROMI 3.x TF300T Patch.zip". If this is the file i need since it is a zip file i dont see the option on my computer to Run the file with Administrative Privileges, ill appreciate a little help if possible. Got my droid DNA stuck booting up on and off, it was continuously trying to boot on and off and also trying to boot into recovery by itself but it wouldnt stay. I followed the commands ur posted to lock my bootloader back up but now i dont have the RUU file to run with administrative privileges