Droid X Battery Drainage Problems


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Feb 21, 2012
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I recently bought a new battery to replace the original battery that came with my Droid X. The original battery just deteriorated over time and it is no longer functional now. However, I noticed a few problems with it. First of all, I noticed that it rarely charges to 100% with the phone on. It would drain down to 70%, stay there for a while, and then continue to drain from there even with little to no usage. Second of all, the battery would drain while my phone was still on the charger. I don't understand how the battery would discharge instead of recharging while my phone was still on the charger. Third of all, when I turn my phone off the battery always charges to 100%. I don't understand why it can't do this with the phone on. Is there anyone else who owns a Droid X who has had these battery problems? I read something on the internet that doing a factory reset on the phone would correct the battery drainage problem. But I don't know how true that is. This battery drainage is really getting on my nerves. Please help!