Strange charging issue


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May 20, 2010
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So I got my incredible about a week ago, and it worked fine out of the box. It charged to 100%, got acceptable battery life and was generally incredible as advertised. About 3 days after getting the phone it stopped charging. I could plug it in for hours and the battery would just keep draining. Charging on/off didn't matter. The charging indicator would light up, but nothing.

I took the phone to verizon and they told me that the phone MUST be charged while off or else the processor will just burn the battery. Is this true?

At any rate, I ended up getting a new battery from verizon. Same deal. It charged to 100%, worked fine....then when I went to recharge it the next day (even with the phone off) it just wouldn't charge. Has anyone else had this issue? It seems that the charger is working as it lights up the charger light on the phone and initally charges the battery to full. I've now tried 2 batteries. Thoughts?