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Jan 3, 2011
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Hello all,

Ive been a frequent visitor of this site, just never bothered to register until now. I have a rooted moto droid with BB 0.6.1 and chevys ulow 1.25ghz kernel.

The problem with my droid is that it severely miscalculates my battery drain. For example, yesterday the battery reached 50 percent by 6:00pm after being off the charger for only 4 hours of light-moderate use. Around 6:45pm I plugged the phone into my car dock and played Pandora for approximately 10 minutes and battery jumped down to 20 percent. By 8:00pm the battery indicator had an X on it meaning the battery was at 5% or lower. The phone died at 11:00pm last night even though the phone was still being used moderately. After the phone "died" i plugged it into my home charging cradle and it said the battery was at 60% and charging. This makes no sense to me because i verified the phone was dead by pressing the power button to boot it before i put it on the charger and it displayed no signs of life.

Today I had the phone off the charger at 9:15am, it is now 10:30 pm and for the past 3 the phone has been at 5% charge, it has yet to die.

I don't think its the battery because I just replaced the battery on saturday and the battery before this one (original battery) did the same thing which is why i bought the new battery. I also charged the battery to 100% and did a battery stat reset via clockwork mod thinking the phone needed to relearn my battery. This had no effect on the issue.

Any ideas? I'm at a loss...


Matt H.


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Jan 13, 2010
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Is your new battery an actual OEM battery? Because what you describe sounds just like the same results I get with my non OEM battery(s).

That's all I can think of other than; did you follow the 'wiki' over at cyanogenmod for using that 'battery stats' reset? (I've never done it, I just use several batteries and a battery only charger), but I _think_ you're supposed to plug your phone into the wall charger until it shows 'charged' then reboot into recovery and then do that 'wipe' then reboot, all with the phone still plugged in. Only when it reboots fully do you unplug the phone. Then you need to let the battery run down so far as to let the phone shut off from lack of juice. The calculations are _supposed_ to be reset from this point.

good luck