Droid Turbo Screen off after attempted water repair - replace screen?


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Feb 28, 2017
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Friends, Hi I'm new - here's the story of my precious (and departed?) Turbo:
I dropped my Turbo in a bowl of greasy water, pulled it right out and dried it - but continued to use it! (experience: the lesson you needed, after you needed it) (I also blew into the ports...annnnd plugged the phone in. And dried it in open flame...ok, I didn't do THAT, but I did everythign you're not supposed to). 2 days later the touch screen doesn't register touch, but all other systems fine. No longer a phone. = (

So I opened up the phone and found 2 tiny spots of corrosion (on battery connector and bottom left infared lens), cleaned many places with small amount of 91% alc and toothbrush, put 4 major pieces of phone in a ziplock with 10 large dessicant packets over night (had been in rice 24hrs), and put in oven (turned off) at 180 for 30min. Pulled it all out, put it all together, and screen won't turn on at all. Vibrates once every 20ish seconds, battery warms up, then stops after sometime.

I took it apart again, made sure LCD was fully plugged in to motherboard, and tried again. Same result. It got worse!

How did I make it worse?? I didn't use gloves or an antistatic mat - is that it? Or did the screen just fully die by itself? Should I look into replacing the screen? Any other parts?

Thanks very much for your time - anyone who reads/responds. I now know what people go through when their phone dies...talk about emergency. Our worlds are so vulnerable =(
Well...errr, ummm... I hear there's really cool Mod's coming out for the Z phones soon? :eek: