Broken Screen Droid Turbo - trying to get it to work


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May 22, 2010
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I have a droid turbo that was dropped on the street and ran over by a car. The phone was in an Otterbox case but still the screen got damaged. I should insert here that I bought the phone from someone else and I am NOT on a 2 year contract so I can't send the phone in for screen replacement. I am looking into buying a new screen for the turbo but wanted to make sure the phone is actually working before I do so. I can hit the power button and I hear the phone power up and vibrate but sometimes it appears to get stuck and starts over again (the whole screen is black so I can't see anything). I have tried to plug the phone into my computer to see if I can get my files off of it or see if its still working... however, it installs the drivers when I plug it in, but I can't see the phone folders (I should insert here that I did not have USBdebugging turned on). I have tried several recovery tools and nothing sees the phone. I also tried to use Droid@screen to emulate the screen on my laptop but it didn't recognize the phone either. I went ahead and did a teardown on the phone to make sure all the internals looked good. Internally everything looks fine and nothing appears broken or smashed. I did go ahead and remove the screen because little shards of glass were getting everywhere. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can see if the phone is working properly before I purchase a new screen (they are at minimum 160 bucks to 200 bucks)? If the phone is stuck in a bootloop, from the fall and such, is there a way (or a program) that I can use to reinstall/reset android and start from scratch to get it out of loop. Im a bit lost and I don't want to purchase a screen if the phone is damaged beyond repair. It would just be easier to get a new phone. Any help in the matter in appreciated. Thanks!