Deleting internal storage with broken screen?


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Jan 30, 2013
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Hi everyone, The other day my screen for my Droid Razr got completely destroyed after a motorcycle accident. I was lucky and had another Driod Razr laying around from when my long-time Girlfriend and I broke up. So I took the SIM and SD card from the broken phone and put them in the spare, not realizing that the razr"s had internal storage built into the phone.

My problem is I have a couple hundred photos and videos from lady friends on the broken Razr's internal storage. I cannot use the Privacy->Factory reset option because i can't see the screen, and when i connect it to my computer no files show up (perhaps because i took out the SIM and SD?). I'd really hate to send this off to anyone without wiping the internal storage.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks Quinn.