Retrieving pictures with a broken screen - Samsung Infuse


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Jan 6, 2012
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Hi everyone. A few days ago I unfortunately cracked the screen on my Samsung Infuse. I'm getting a new one in a few days, but I have some pictures that I took over vacation on the hard drive of the phone and was wondering if there was any possible way I could get them off the phone.

Since the screen is broken, when I plug my phone into my computer I can't hit the button on the screen to allow my computer to view the files on my phone. Is there any way I can override this and try to get to these pictures? They're very important to me, and I want to try to get them off if possible. The buttons on the bottom of the phone still light up, and both the computer and phone recognize when they're plugged in. (The computer indicates that there are two drives added to my computer and the phone makes a sound whenever its plugged into the usb)

These pictures are saved on the hard drive of my phone, not my sd card, so please do not tell me to remove the sd card and find the photos that way.

Thank you for any help!