Droid 2 not reading SD card?


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Nov 5, 2010
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Hi folks,
I recently got a Droid 2 and I love it. The salesperson at the Verizon store put my old 2 gig SD card with my pictures, videos, etc. into my Droid so I could still have access to my pictures before I transitioned to the 8 gig card that came with my phone. I moved all picture, video, and sound files from the old card to my Mac with the intention of moving those files to my new card, but when I plug my Droid in, the phone doesn't acknowledge that the new SD card is in it. It does appear on my computer, though. This changes, however, once I unplug my Droid because the phone recognizes the card, but none of my files are on. How do I get my phone to recognize the SD card while it's plugged into the computer and move all my files?


Oct 31, 2009
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I hope I am understanding the problem correctly,

Motoblur handles things a little differently. After you plug in your phone, pull down the notification bar and touch the "USB connection" banner to manage it. You will notice different settings,

PC mode - I think this makes the card available to both the phone and your computer. This could be useful, but has the potential for more corruption if something goes wrong, having two devices writing to the card.

Windows Media Sync - I haven't looked at this too hard, supposedly better if you are syncing large quantities of music and pictures.

USB Mass storage mode - This is the traditional setting that you are probably more familiar with. Just remember to remove the device from your computer first when you are done.

Charge only - Charges only.

BTW, if you are still getting the verizon popup for the media manager, right click on the moto symbol on your computer, change the "When phone connects, launch.." setting.

Hopefully this is the only thing holding you up!