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    Screen Moto z droid xt1650-03 screen

    I have ordered a replacement screen. However, the small connector (in pic) on left bottom under the digitizer connection, is broken in half. Would it affect the functioning of screen? Thanks for helping. (Picture from internet just for reference)
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    small black dot on screen

    i think it started as a single stuck pixel. i could just barely notice it and it was kind of blueish. on the left side of the screen a little above the center. i tried the stuck pixel fixer app and no change. after a few days it turned black. a few days later it is solid black and has gotten...
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    Razer Phone Disassembly Teardown Video

    Hey guys here's a video of the teardown/disassembly of the Razer Phone in case anyone is interested in seeing the insides.
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    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Disassembly Teardown Repair Video

    Hey guys just disassembled the S8 active and gotta say I found it to be much easier than working with the regular S8 or prior phones. Glad to see it comes apart from the rear not the front!
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    Droid Turbo Screen off after attempted water repair - replace screen?

    Friends, Hi I'm new - here's the story of my precious (and departed?) Turbo: I dropped my Turbo in a bowl of greasy water, pulled it right out and dried it - but continued to use it! (experience: the lesson you needed, after you needed it) (I also blew into the ports...annnnd plugged the phone...
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    HTC 10 Disassembly Teardown Video

    Hey guys, here's a video on the HTC 10 disassembly/teardown. As always, its very difficult and cluttered inside (common with htc phones).