Water damaged Nokia 8. Black screen with grey squares and boot loop


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Feb 10, 2021
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Nokia 8/ Nokia ?
Hi All. I have a feeling this phone is toast, but thought I'd ask if anyone has any suggestions. Unfortunately this phone got splashed yesterday and I know a small amount of water got into the speaker port. The speaker sound went really soft after it got wet. I turned it off and used a q-tip to draw the water out (was just a tiny amount, but there), dried everything else off and turned it back on and it seemed ok.

Turned it back off to be safe and dumped it into a container of rice with desiccant packets over the ports overnight.

Next day turned it back on and it had some pale lines on the screen making me realise it hadn't escaped water damage after all. Was backing up some recent photos so I could take it to a repairer to open up, when the screen went black (sometimes with little grey squares) and seems to be rebooting. (You can hear the vibration from time to time but it doesn't play any sound.)

I'm guessing this phone is probably stuffed and has some kind of major shorts or damage. I know can't be sure without opening it up, but I'm also a bit reluctant to pay a few hundred dollars for repairs to a 3 year old phone (especially as the last boot loop I had an attempted repair on didn't even last me walking out of the shop.)

The other thing is, I just realised that my messages might not be being synced to the cloud? I think my contacts are but not sure about messages? Any way to recover those?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.