Droid Razor GPS: GPS disabled


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Jan 28, 2012
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The GPS on my new Droid Razor has been working fine. Suddenly today it gave me a message saying "GPS disabled:location setting." When I press that button it takes me to "locations and services" The Verizon GPS service was enabled. But I couldn't get the GPS to work again until I pressed "stand alone" GPS. I didn't feel comfortable doing that considering the privacy issues, but I needed to use the GPS. Anyone else have this issue or know what caused this?

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Its not an issue actually :) the stand alone GPS is what you use while using google maps and/or navigation.

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Yea leave your standalone GPS on. I put a power widget on my main screen for practicality.

I actually never turn GPS off on my phone. Its not being used anyway when you're not on maps or something that requires location.
Okay, but why is it that I previously didn't have to use the "stand alone" GPS setting?

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