Droid Bionic or Droid X?


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Dec 21, 2010
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Last night I decided it would be a good idea to leave my phone on the roof of my car and drive away with it on top. I remember saying to myself "DON'T FORGET IT" and that's pretty much how it went. I had the non slip Motorola case which means it most likely survived the drive, until the highway where it (hopefully) bounced off exploding into oblivion. I could care less about losing the phone, however there were some pictures on there I would rather someone not find. I went looking for it re-tracing my drive (2 miles or so) until the highway ramp where I also looked as well as a few exits of highway (wishful thinking) to find nothing. The phone rang for quite some time after I realized it was gone but no sooner than later it would go straight to voicemail. Which means its probably in someones hands, laying somewhere on planet earth within the 20 mile drive to where i realized my phone doom, or for peace of mind a truck finally ended her suffering after a rough night.

What upsets me besides the usual stuff I just lost my life device is that I kept that phone MINT. No scratches. NOTHING. I kept that sucker PERFECT until a few months ago where I dropped it and broke the LCD. I got a refurb and all was good. Going on 4 months without a single drop. Clearly this is what upsets me. How stupid to leave it on my car. Not to mention the pictures of my girlfriend on my 16gb card....

Anyways, my sister and her boyfriend both work for Verizon. They both just got the new Iphone yesterday (it would happen on the same day lol) so they always have their old phones as they keep changing every few months.

Her boyfriend offered me his bionic. Apparently all i have to do is get the sim card. Which is cool.

I never really saw a point in replacing the X as it did everything I needed without going too far like some of the new phones that think for you.

long story short, should I just drop 99 bucks and get an X or should I take the Bionic.

Does it have an unlocked boot loader or am I dealing with the dead giveaway i hacked my phone unlocked message on the boot loader screen like my girlfriends Atrix. This being clearly that If i ever need to warentee it. I liked how I just SBF'd my other X to stock .602 and shipped it away for replacement hassle free.

Clearly nothing will ever stop me from wanting to root but is the bionic any good? A free phone is a free phone, however I loved that X.

Funny because the day before when i heard my sister and her bf were getting the new iphone, i said to my girlfriend that i didn't understand why they keep spinning all their money on new phone after new phone. And that i was happy with my X and wouldn't care to ever replace it with something new. We had a special bond ya know?

oh well that's the way life works. will I miss my x?

i had just finished doing a battery calibration too. darn!
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The bionic is a great phone. If it's being offered to you for free, I'd personally take it. Check out the Bionic section: Droid Bionic Hacks

Also, easy on the language:)
I agree. My Droid X1 was great, but I would also take the bionic over it.

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I think you should spring for a new Razr Maxx ! It is smokin hot. You won't regret it.

free Bionic or $100 for a DX? I think I know what I would choose lol

If you have 4g service take the free Bionic!

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Even if you don't have 4g service take the free Bionic.

Free is good.

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I think you should spring for a new Razr Maxx ! It is smokin hot. You won't regret it.


I agree.. I would get the MAXX or original RAZR over the Bionic. My DROIDX is going crazy. Color streaks and lines all over my screen. My screen keeps fading in and out. I'm getting my Maxx tomorrow than this X is history :)

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I had my dx forever and absolutely loved it. When the bionic came out I gave it a shot for two weeks but in the end it just didn't live up to standards for me so I went back to my x. Now, as you can see from my signature, I have the razr and it is the only phone that could make me forget about my x. I too had that special bond you mentioned. Lol.

So, take it for what it is worth but I would go back to my trusty x before I would use another bionic.

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Get the free Bionic, and if you don't like it get the X.
Get the free Bionic, and if you don't like it get the X.

True. Since the bionic is free there is no harm in giving it a shot and see what you think.

Since you mentioned paying $99 for the x I assume you don't have an upgrade yet so you could always use the free bionic to bond you over until your upgrade and then get something else.

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Some of you are missing the point. FREE! OH AND DID HE MENTION FREE!!! The poor Guy wanted to know between the 2 phones, not about the razr just the two,, that being said in all my sarcastic glory, I'm using an x2 and if someone offerd me a free Bionic id be all over it, and I love the x line of phones, btw FREE!!! FREE!!! is my favorite flavor.

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Dang, and I was choosing between paying 29.99 for a cpo bionic or keeping my EnV Touch.

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Bionic!!!! Its hands down better than the X or X2. I even prefer it over the Razr. The only phones I think are BETTER than the Bionic, are the Nexus and Razr Maxx. Aside from that, Bionic is on the same level as the other phones available. Free Bionic is an awesome opportunity!

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