Droid X or the Incredible?


Feb 1, 2010
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My D1's screen is screwed up, so I just got the insurance check to replace my phone. I have these as options:

1.) suck it up until Thunderbolt comes out
2.) go buy the Incredible
3.) go buy the X
4.) suck it up until Bionic

I want Bionic, obviously, but I can get that when my early upgrade comes up in July. But right now I've got a partially functioning phone screen, and it's driving me nuts.
If its not going to renew your contract now, DX FTW!! :)

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A basic look at it

The d incredible has the capabilities of the dx (except hdmi out) with the size of a d1

Is size an issue? I like the dx personally. I have a d2. But playing with my uncles dx and my dads incredible....they are comparible but dads inc is smaller (obviously)

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