Droid X vs. Incredible


Jun 29, 2010
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Hey all I just had a few questions about the Droid X and the Droid Incredible. Right now I have a Blackberry but I am updating in a month and Im deciding which of the 2 Droids I should get.

Heres my questions:

1. I like the abilities of the Droid X, but I like the interface of the Droid Incredible. Is there a way I can get the home screen of the X to look like the home screen on the incredible (with the large, analog block as well as the weather widget)? I know the X has a small, plainer weather widget, but it also has a more in depth weather widget when you scroll to it (from what Ive seen on youtube videos). Is there a way I can get a weather widget on my home screen that shows animations like clouds/rain/etc. on the Droid X like it does on the Droid Incredible?

2. I like the setup of the Incredible calender. Is the Droid X calender much like it? Obviously there are gonna be some minor differences, but any huge, noticable differences?

3. Is the battery life a huge difference between the two? I know the Incredible has a shortner battery life, but does it usually make it through the day on one charge?

4. All in all, which one would you recommend? I know the X isnt out yet, but you've probably seen enough of it already online to know what its going to be like.

Thanks for the help.