Few Questions about Droid X/Incredible


Jun 29, 2010
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First of all, I don't own a Droid yet so these questions might seem simple but really I have no idea as what to expect.

Im getting a new phone is a month and its down to either the Incredible or the X. I really like the abilities of the Droid X, however I like the interface of the Incredible better (prefer HTC over Motorola's interface).

Heres my questions:

1. Can I get a clock/weather widget (just like the Incredible's home screen) onto my home screen on the Droid X? I like the big analog clock and I really like the visual weather widget on the Incredible. I know the Droid X has a much plainer weather widget, but can I get one with the pictures/animations on the hom screen like I can with the Incredible?

2. What is the calender like on the Droid X? I like the layout of the Incredible, is the X basically laid out in a similar format?

3. Does the Droid Incredible have a car-dock mode like the Droid X with the large buttons/voice navigation?

4. All in all, what do you recommend I buy? The Droid X or the Incredible? I know the X isn't out yet but Im assuming you all know most of the things about it already.

Thanks for the help.
1) check out the screenshot. That app is called Beautiful Widgets in the market. There are others too. This one is skinnable so you can change how it looks.

2) I don't have a screenshot of the calendar. I do suggest you try the phone out in a store when they become available. Someone else might post a screenshot or you might find one on the web in one of the reviews of the phone

3 ..sorry no help here.

4: The Droid X. I've been very happy with my moto-Droid that I got last November. This is shaping up to look like an awesome phone. Its bigger, so if that isn't an issue go for it.

Again, try them both. Slip them both into your pocket. See which will fit your lifestyle better.