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Nov 28, 2009
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I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to use blackberry BBM on the droid. Or does the droid have some sort of similar messaging capabilities?

In all honestly, the droid is the best phone on the market today. I have had the phone for a good week and half and literally fell in love with it. But...I took it back in to get my blackberry back. BBM the ONLY reason why I have chosen to stay with the blackberry. It is so convenient and a great way to communicate with people.

Does the droid already have something similar to Blackberry's BBM?

And for the record, let me say again, the Droid is the best phone on the market hands down...
BBM is a proprietary format and BB (really RIM) will not allow anyone else to play in their sandbox. The only things I miss from my BB days are BBM, the battery life, and the integration of Blackberry Enterprise server for email. But definitely not worth going back for.

The only thing I really think is an advantage for BBM is the group function. However, unless all of your friends are on BB you have a limited universe. Using SMS you can chat with anyone. Many other services will do similar things as BBM. For instance Twitter can be set up so that only people you explicitly trust can see your posts. This can be used for a single layer of group chatting. I use GROUPSMS for sending SMS messages to my family which is similar to BBM except that they cannot reply to the group, only to me.

To be honest I miss my iPhone more than I do the BB. But I will not miss the AT&T cell coverage. (or lack of)
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For me it was hmmm storm2 or droid. I turned down bbm and email ease for the awesome power of the Droid.
Use google talk. It's a chat client. It just doesn't do groups. That's how I got around the BBm issue
I thought when I left Crackberry.... well didn't leave... as I still have an 8330 for the girlfriend... that I would never hear BBM praises again! LOL I was wrong!

This was a concern of mine when I left my Storm.... only for me to realize how sad it really is that what most people consider the must have feature of a BB is BBM. :icon_ devil:
i heard of an app you can use on the droid that can make texting easier? are you guys generally content with texting and messaging on the droid?
There's Handcent, which increases functionality of texting itself. There's also an app called Better Keyboard that allows for keyboard skins to change... lot's of options and it does improve/change the texting with this phone. Although I do prefer the stock but better keyboard allowed for on screen keys to have more spacing.
agreed handcent works wonders. I love it, you can do goup texts through that as well and customize everything, quite nice and useful!