Droid 4 Rooted (that was quick)


Dec 20, 2010
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Fort Collins, CO
Woke up this morning to see if anyone had cracked the Droid 4 yet. Came upon the following story:

Widely known and respected security researcher Dan Rosenberg has evidently uncovered a root method for the Droid 4, in addition to a universal Motorola root method. Though the Droid 4's root access was discovered less than a day after its release, both exploits are being withheld until a $500 bounty is raised.

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Unlike the mod efforts in search of predetermined bounties we've seen in the past, Rosenberg is asking that a $500 bounty be raised after the fact, and explains that it is being raised for a good cause. According to Rosenberg, the first $200 collected will go toward buying a Droid 4, while the remainder will be donated to the American Red Cross.
This certainly puts a refreshing philanthropic twist on Android development and security research, and is a commendable move on Rosenberg's part. If you'd like to donate to the cause, just click through to We Pay.

Source: AndroidPolice

I just went to the wepay page, and the initial goal of $200 was just met. Like clockwork, he posted a link to the root: Security Research by Dan Rosenberg

Dunno about y'all, but I'll still donate after the fact for the guy. :)