Droid 4 Users! WE HAZ ROOT!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Android Exploiter Extraordinaire Dan Rosenberg also known widely across the net as DjrBliss who has accomplished root on many a locked down Moto device announced last night that he had accomplished root on the Droid 4! This is quite an accomplishment considering that the device was released just yesterday! He also announced at the same time that he would be releasing the Root in a new fashion that kinda had the Android community in an uproar! He decided to put a BOUNTY on the Root Exploit. Personally I see nothing wrong with accepting donations for a Root exploit others were not so accepting of the idea to say the least. He asked $200 to buy the device (to keep the thing rooted as we all know that moto kills root with every update!) and another $300 to go to a worthy cause Red Cross. It took about 12 hours but about 10 people donated the $200 goal and the Root has now been released publicly! HOORAAY!

I will be posting the Root Video ASAP. Picking my Droid4 up today. So stay tuned!

This is a simple one-click root a run.bat! You can show DjrBliss your support by donating here if you like!

Grab the Exploit here! Root Discussion Here!
Can't wait for the video. Now hope mods for it follow up shortly dancedroid
Bravo! If Motorola does not choose to give people what they want then I'm glad that there are extraordinary people like DjrBliss that allow individuals to take control and the choice from them. When you pay good money for something it should be up to the individual how they use it, how it operates, and what runs on it! My congratulations for you past, your present, and hopefully a long string of astounding future successes Dan! Though, I'd hate to see how many energy drinks you obviously had run intravenously to pull this off so quickly!!
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works like a charm

Steps for me:

1. Installed windows drivers "Download Motorola 5.4.0 Driver with MotoHelper" from here "USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA"

2. from phone... Click Settings -> Applications -> development -> usb debugging (and enable it)

3. Plug phone into pc and wait for it to load your mapped drive on your pc

4. Run the bat file.

It reboots the phone a couple of times... Dont unplug it until it is done. After final boot and the bat file saying it is complete, you should be rooted.

So happy I did this and it worked. Didn't need a $200 brick :-D
I can also vouch for it working. It was so easy.

SetCPU won't overclock it, but it will let me underclock down to 300 MHz.