Droid 4 for $50 through Verizon Online


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Apr 6, 2010
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I just went to purchase my D4 on VZW's website and after clicking on 'upgrade existing device' it took me to the page of phones available. All of the phones were discounted $50 off from what they usually are because of the new every two, making the D4 $150(as expected). But upon checking out it showed up as $50 and showed that I received a special $150 discount from the original $200 price tag. I have no idea how it came up with that but I won't complain one bit!

Anyone else have this happen to them or know of anyone that had it happen??
Nope. tried to upgrade last night. It failed twice. I had to call customer service, but I decided on the Rezound
I got a mysterious $100 off in store for going from a 3G to 4G phone. They stacked that with my $30 New Every 2 discount for $130 off. I wouldn't be surprised if yours was the same thing, just your New Every 2 was $50 instead of $30.

I checked the price online after logging into My Verizon, but never added it to the cart. Seems like the rumors I've found about the $100 off suggested it was region specific.
That could be the case, I am coming from the OG. The only other thing I could come up with is that I am registered through my employer's discount program but I have never received a discount on phones, just thought it was 25% off accessories. Either way, I saved an extra hundred! :icon_ banana:
I also got this. I went into the store just to see what my options were. I had no idea the droid 4 had come out that very day. But after talking to the rep there I found out I my account had been flagged for a 100$ off promotion.

They said only certain accounts got it, so I just counted myself lucky and walked out with a brand new pnone for 70$.

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