Droid 2 Global Ringtone Notification


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Dec 24, 2010
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Sioux Falls, SD
how do i set a ringtone for a notification like a text message. because when i go to click when as my ringtone it only goes to the phone and the notification ringtone stays the same. lol this sounds kinda confusing but could i get some help with this?
Ringtones for Notifications

I had same problem and found answer in another thread! Seems best way is to download ASTRO file manager which will let you move files around. You want to put the ringtone you want as a notification in the FOLDER entitled notifications which is a subfolder of media. On my DROID2, it's listed as /media/notifications. Hope this helps.
Exactly. This is the same method I would recommend. Or you can do it via usb as well, or wirelessy (same method as usb but no cord) with SwiFTP
I have searched several of the forums and can't seem to find an answer. I hate the default ringtones. Would someone let me know where I can get ringtones that sound like a regular telephone; maybe one from the 1980s? I am also looking to find the original "DROID" voice. Any help is appreciated.