DROID 2 Flyer: Rule the Empire with Iron Thumbs

Id like tosee for myself where you got 100 days and your other info. If it was flagship material then why did they give the x a 8mp camera, hdmi out, 720p imaging, 8gb on board memory with 16gb pre installed?

My bad, it wasn't 100 days, it was 74 days....


And I can only assume they gave the Droid X the newest features because they wanted to compete with iPhone 4 (all they needed to do was give it a better antenna lol). The Droid has the 8GB of onboard storage as well. The 16GB card came installed on the original Droid, guess they decided to cut some costs on that and only ship an 8GB with the Droid 2 this time around.
Why did they not give the Droid 2 all of this?? Prob because Droid 1 was a proven seller and they only addressed the complaints when making the Droid 2. VZW also figured that if people didn't want the Droid 2, they would have the Droid X or the Incredible to go with.

XMasterMoronX - Nah, the Droid 2's screen is still 3.7". But the pics make it look a lil bigger than that. VZW trying to mess with us lol
And the quetion is which one is better from all droid? I got myself Droid X, I'm exited but hope I don't regret it. In couple months we probably see another droid for 4g or another android phone 4g. Damn and i'm stuck with 2 year agreement, i feel like paying 350 and own it so by the time they release a 4g phone i would keep droid x maybe let mother use it and get a 4g android phone from verizon, fudge evo and sprint crappy service. dancedroid For life!!