DROID 2 Flyer: Rule the Empire with Iron Thumbs

Because keyboard courage and mods with littleman syndrome are kind of pet peeves of mine. Elevating to a warning/ban over saying "idgit" isn't exactly a rational reaction.

Let me make something clear. I did not give you any points or ban you for saying idgit. I asked you to refrain from name calling and issued zero points. It escalated by your doing on your follow up posts, not mine.
I just want to say its always a bad idea to pull the carebear away from his strawberry shortcake. The cake gets soggy and the carebear gets grumpy.

Point of a moderator is to intervene when there is a problem, not to create one over something so minuscule and push people around.

No one pushed you around. I asked you to refrain. You escalated the situation. But I'm done. You've shown your childishness. You claim there are better forums. Please go frequent those.
Had my driod for about two months now, almost regret getting it and waited for the X.. But on the other hand with the x, and driod 2 having a locked bootloaded isn't cool. I love how I can change roms and anything I basically want on my driod. Went into verizon the other day to play around with the X.. Installed quadrant and ran mine at the same time. (over clocked to 1.1 when I did it. Usually run phone at 1000 max, 600 min) and had better scores than the X.. So why bother upgrading? 2.2 is running great on my phone. flash I am loving. but I am using plx 3.0 rom with build FRF84B. seems to pull better scores than the others. so for now untill bugless releases something new. thats what im sticking with
I did a research that Droid 2 have similar spec as Droid X. So, I assume no front camera for video chatting?
So, I assume no front camera for video chatting?

No front camera

Verizon acts as if the Original Droid's biggest downfall was the keyboard when in fact it was the amount of storage, there is nothing "Advance" about this updated keyboard, it does the same thing the D One's keyboard does, it is just layed out a little bit better.
To call the droid 2 flagship is completely unprofessional. It has none of the features the x had and ive seen a better keyboard on an lg env...

Actually it's not. The Droid 1 is the flagship phone. They are replacing it with the Droid 2, which is just a newer version of the Droid 1. While the Droid X has better points, So it wouldn't be unprofessional to replace teh flagship with the same phone.
A flagship phone would have to be better then other phones in other companies including its own which the d1 and d2 are not.
At the time Droid 1 was released, it was considered better. If the Droid 2's only only "flaws" are a smaller screen and no front-facing camera, that's honestly not enough to bump it down since only 2 other phones have the camera and maybe 5-8 phones have that bigger screen. And only one phone on the market right now (as far as i know) have both. You could also count the (possible) locked bootloader as a negative too, but Droid X has that too.
Droid 1 was the flagship phone for this line, they are basically keeping it that way by putting out the same phone again but with some supposed suggestions implemented. Besides, what really set the Droid 1 apart were the numbers it posted from sales. If the Droid X beats it in sales after the first 100 days, then they may actually see it as the clear "winner" and change their minds. Until then, their marketing tactics have worked so far. It got us to buy their phones lol
Id like tosee for myself where you got 100 days and your other info. If it was flagship material then why did they give the x a 8mp camera, hdmi out, 720p imaging, 8gb on board memory with 16gb pre installed?
it looks a little misleading, it looks as if the droid 2's screen is just as big as the droid X's, unless there was a spec change that i didn't see