Verizon database images prove yet again Droid 2 will launch with FroYo


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Nov 6, 2009
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A smartphone launch is never complete until the leaks become so rampant that they end up "flooding" the net. And for those of you following the Droid 2, I am sure you have had your fill of leaks over the past few days. Well here's one more for you. Anonimac over at Android Forums ninja'ed some screenshots of the Verizon database, which clearly show that Verizon will be launching the Droid 2 with Android 2.2 (see photo above). Also, check out two other screenshots below, showing off the Droid 2's features and physical characteristics.



The Droid 2 may become available as early as August 12th, but the official release date is still slated for August 23rd. So I ask you Droiders one simple question: Does the Droid 2 provide enough for you to make the switch from your current phone?

Source: Phandroid
would totally get the droid 2 but i just got my original moto droid a few months back and i just recently rooted it. so no new droids for me in the near future. although that r2d2 edition of the droid 2 is tempting....
Completely dependent on the boot loader. If unlocked, I sure wouldn't mind the owning the slightly "polished" specs.

Any word on whether or not they are sticking with the same screen technology?
A keyboard? I think i might have to get on this even without the savings i would get if i waited till my contract ended. Damn i can't imagine spending 600 for a phone but it might be worth it... especially since dorid 1 is starting to act up on me...
This looks amazing! I can't wait... I just got my Droid two days ago, but with Verizon I sitll have the 30 days to return is so if this comes within the 30 days I will definitely be getting it :-D