Describe the Perfect Android Phone

FingerPrint Scan to Unlock would be a nice Security Feature

Id rather have face recognition ! my fingerprint scan on my laptop doesn't always work, the face recognition seems to work 9 out of 10
Motorola, HTC or Samsung manu.
3.7 - 4.5" SAMOLED or Sony LCD
1.5GHz no idea what brand, etc. as I noe nothing about mobile cpu's :)
Galaxy S GPU or better :p
FroYo or Gingerbread, more towards Gingerbread
Better GPS capabilities
More BUILT-IN customization, no root required
Unlocked bootloader
Physical KB, unless the screen is 4", then a nice roomy touch KB
Improved Music capabilities
+/ 7MP Camera, Good front facing camera as well.
720p recording or even 1080p LOL :p
1>= GB of Ram and 16 >= GB of onboard storage, not to mention roomy SD cards.

That's just a few, extreme things, but you did say perfect phone :) oh yeah and International calling built in like the Droid 2 WE

Good call, I agree on all counts.

4.0" to 4.3" screen SAMOLED or equivalent
Dual Core or Quad Core Cortex A9 / ARM Eagle based SoC running at 1.0 Ghz or better
PowerVR SGX 5xx or Mali GPU
Lithium Sulfide Battery (3x to 4x the capacity of Lithium Polymer in the same footprint)
Slide out QWERTY that doesn't suck
1 Gig DDR3 RAM and 8 to 16 Gig Storage
32 Gig to 64 Gig Class 10 MicroSD card
802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
FM Receiver
Dual Mode CDMA/GSM
HDMI 1.4 w/ HDMI Out
Android Gingerbread or newer
Titanium / Aluminum frame for strength and weight savings
Gorilla Glass
Powder coated body not paint
8 Megapixel Camera w/ dual LED flash with a photosensor and optics that are worth a damned
720p or 1080p video recording at 30FPS
Dual Mic for noise cancellation
External speaker as good or better than the OG Droid
Magnetometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Front facing 1.3 Megapixel or better camera

There you have it. The ultimate Android handset. Granted it would probably cost more than most new sub-compacts but well worth it.
They should be able to get a satellite lock in 5 seconds at all times in the US with no cell tower help (The US usually has 9-12 satellites visible, you only need ). This is personal preference as I use my droid to analyze the ground track of my flight students and also use it to navigate while mountaineering but I think everyone would love a solid GPS.

I would like to see a 5 second hot start on my Trimble R-series GPS devices and you don't even say hot or cold start up.:icon_ banana:
And you need more than one satellite. GPS works off of triangulation, thus a minimum of three sats are required. Four are required for a decent altitude fix.
The perfect Android device will somehow need to be able to make me bacon... THAT would be perfection....

I'm tired of going into public restrooms to get my bacon fix... we need a mobile solution... ARE YOU LISTENING GOOGLE?!?!

Flawless multi-touch. The Galaxy S class phones seem to be the best here. Even the X and the EVO get mixed up when your fingers cross eachother on the horizontal plane sometimes.

yes i agree, the galaxy s phones have perfect multitouch it looks like in videos and stuff. thats one thing im disappointed about in my droid... not that great but whatever nbd