Cyanogen mod on DX-will it hit D2G in the future?


May 23, 2011
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Well I'll be darned, CM7 has been
ported to the DX (with bugs), original thread here.
Does anyone here think it might be possible to end up
with a D2G port of it once we have some radio drivers for 2.3?
I'm guessing it's possible since (I think) the Dx, D2, and D2G
share the same bootloader encryption.
I'd assume so. I'd love to have access to 2.3...

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They may have the same encryption but the radios are totally different. It seems the D2g is much harder to port roms to than both the dx and d2.

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I've already confirmed that at least 3G CDMA is tied to the MotoBlur Dialer. Past that and a few other issues, it's been relatively simple so far when using tweaked D2 vendor/prod configs.

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I would love to have cyanogen mod for my phone lol I thought the bootloader was an issue...

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Yes, I was confused about that too.. Are they porting it over with the stock kernel? Or have they only ported it onto a dev phone or something?
Kernel's still locked down, as is bootloader, cvpcs just managed to get CM past all that somehow. It's probably just a question of when will we have the 2.3 radio firmware/drivers/whatnot at any rate.dancedroid
It's called 2nd-init. From what I know, it let's the system reinitialize(?) a kernel. Cvcps mentioned on IRC earlier that he'd be posting more info on this method in the near future.

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That would be amazing..... Have some other things im working on right now but it would definately be nice to look into that.
I sure hope someone works on this (or at the very least tries to make it work)
I'd love to try to build this but I simply don't have the skills or knowledge xP, would love it if I did. Might be closer than we think now that someone 'round here's about to get their hands on a 2.3 soak test. Looks like we'll have the radio firmware/stuff soon

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Rockin' my D1 instead for a bit over my D2G
Dusting off my dev box and pulling CM source atm in anticipation. Just need to get ahold of these magic files xD
Well now that moto has confirmed that they're unlocking bootloaders later this year, I think there's a good chance we may see CM7 on the D2G, along with some new kernels. All we need is some good devs, which luckily we have been getting recently! :)
don't go getting your hopes up, I wouldn't believe anything (as far as unlocking the bootloaders) until I see it
The didnt actually confirm that they would be unlocking any specifically though. Also, its the ones that are supposed to be updated in Q3/4 which rules us out now....

However, if the 2nd-init thing that Cvpcs has gotten working can also work on d2g (which i believe it will.... its a port from the Atrix) then soon it wont matter if its unlocked or not.