D2G SBF/ROOT/RSDB Download & Guide Links


Jul 2, 2011
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D2G SBF/ROOT/RSD/ROM Download & Guide Links

***Last Updated May 20, 2012***
I thought I would put all these links together for everyone.
Also there is a FAQ section at the bottom of this post.


If there are dead links or credit due, let me know and I will do my best to fix it...

*** DO NOT OTA the .629 official update ***

But if you do,
This is the answer...
Tried, Tested, Good to go!

New All-in-One D2G recovery & Root CD for .629 update(EzSbf method) **D2G A956 only** - Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global - RootzWiki

UNBRICK/ROOT the .629 OTA Update
[How-to] [SBF] unbricking & root D2g 629 - Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global - RootzWiki[How-to]unbricking-downgraded-629-&-root-normal-function-OTA-629#entry624422


Standard Disclaimer:

Rooting your phone VOIDS THE WARRANTY. Rooting Your phone is against your TOS with your carrier(with few exceptions). Rooting your phone will put you in a position where you CAN NOT rely on your carrier's customer service dept.

Neither I, nor anyone in this forum, nor anyone other than YOU (the person modifying YOUR phone, breaking YOUR contract with YOUR carrier) is responsible for any damage to YOUR phone.



FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ Thread


SBF Flash for unix based operating systems (unix, Mac osX, etc.)
Recommended for this post by x13thangelx
OPTICALDELUSION: sbf_flash updates

--->D2G SBF 4.5.608(GB)
Gingerbread Full SBF 4.5.608 - Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global - RootzWiki

--->D2G SBF 4.5.607(GB) download and install instructions
Gingerbread leak - D2G Updated to 4.5.607! - Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global - RootzWiki

***Multiupload site down***
--->D2G SBF 2.4.29(Froyo)
Droid 2 Global SBF File (2.4.29) Full and RSDLite - MyDroidWorld

--->D3 root
Pete's Motorola Root Tools

--->RSD Lite 5.4.4

--->Motorola Drivers 5.4.0



Will NOT work on Froyo


GB Kernal ICS Overlay

--->User Thread
Cm 9 user thread D2G - Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global - RootzWiki

--->Developer Thread
-for-Droid-2-Global-(ICS/4.0.3)---Update:-3/15/12#entry467557]Cyanogenmod 9 [UNOFFICIAL] for Droid 2 Global (ICS/4.0.3) - Update: 3/15/12 - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki

---> Current build for CM9 [BETA][KANG]

Developers: MrB206, x13thAngelx, bikedude880, JCalvin


GB Kernal ICS Overlay

--->Developer Thread

--->User Thread
[ROM]AOKP Build 39 for Droid 2 Global [UNOFFICIAL] [6/15] - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki[ROM]AOKP-Build-35-for-Droid-2-Global-[UNOFFICIAL]-[4/28]#entry613702

--->Current Build

Developers: x13thAngelx, bikedude880, AOKP team


Gummy [BETA]

GB Kernal ICS Overlay

--->Developer Thread
[DROID2-WE][BETA] - Releases - RootzWiki

--->User Thread

--->Current Build

Developer: Jonman408, x13thAngelx, bikedude880, Gummy team


***This ROM is no longer in developement***
***at least not by the original team.***

CM7GB [FINAL][KANG] RevNumbers

--->User Thread
CM7 for Droid2 Global User's Thread - Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global - RootzWiki

--->Developer Thread
Droid-2-Global-CM7-with-Gingerbread-Leak-Kernel#entry70459][DEV_THREAD]Droid 2 Global CM7 with Gingerbread Leak Kernel - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki

--->Current build
Latest build by x13thangelx
Goo-inside.me Downloads - Downloading Pooka-CM4D2WE-GB-20120330.zip

Developers: RevNumbers, x13thangelx

-Miui-For-Droid-2-Global-1.10.21-(Needs-.606-Or-.607-Gingerbread-Installed!)#entry48801][Rom] Miui For Droid 2 Global 1.10.21 (Needs .606 Or .607 Gingerbread Installed!) - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki

[ROM] Apex GB
[D2G]-ApeX-2.0.0-Release-Candidate-(RC4)-(10/10/2011)#entry108223][ROM][D2G] ApeX 2.0.0 Release Candidate (RC4) (10/10/2011) - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki



Will NOT work on Gingerbread

Please Note
The Official CyanogenMod 7
On the OFFICIAL CM website

See Above for CM7/CM9 on the Gingerbread Kernal

***instructions on CM7Froyo***
***Thread Name MISLEADING***

-Cyanogenmod-7-For-The-Motorola-Droid-2-Global-::-V7.1.0-(9-Oct-2011)#entry152764][Rom] Cyanogenmod 7 For The Motorola Droid 2 Global :: V7.1.0 (9 Oct 2011) - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki

[ROM RELEASE] HeXen ROM 1.0.0 (Froyo) FINAL

[ROM] Angel (Froyo)
[Global]-AngelRom-v0.7.5#entry988][ROM][Global] AngelRom v0.7.5 - Hexen - RootzWiki

[ROM][Unofficial] Liberty
[PORT]-Liberty3-D2G-2.0---Unnofficial-(11/29/11)#entry259893][ROM][PORT] Liberty3 D2G 2.0 - Unnofficial (11/29/11) - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki

Increase battery life by underclocking/undervolting
(overclocking instrutions in here also)
-via x13thangelx
Battery Life By Underclocking - Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global - RootzWiki

FAQ section:
These are important excerpts from posts I have read. I will try to keep this section to the point.


How do you enable sideloading of apks on your AT&T phone?

This link explains it all...

For app conflict resolution.
Wipe cache partition
Wipe Dalvik cache
Fix Permissions

If that doesn't do it,

Use titanium backup.
Batch backup all your user apps.
Wipe data and factory reset your current rom.
Verify the problem exists before re installing your personal apps (don't use the market app untill the end of this process).
If the problem exists, I would sbf back to stock and start over from scatch.
If the problem goes away, start restoring your user apps/data one at a time in titanium backup to try to replicate the problem. It could be just one or more apps conflicting with each other.
If you can identify which app(s) are causing the problem, uninstall the app(s) and download them again from the market (or other source) to install them fresh.

This may solve your problem. If not, then either try using other apps or doing without the problem apps (assuming you can identify the offending apps).

After this go ahead and enter the market app for your other/paid apps

As always, every device is different (even the same model, running the same rom, with the same apps installed) and sometimes there are unusual problems for individual phones.


Question posed by ME :)
I have been seeing this on multiple threads so I want a clarification. Please.

Cm7 comes with cm recovery baked in (froyo & gb?). Rom Manager won't work with out flashing cwr. For that flash droidx 2nd init.

1) If you are not going to use rom manager, do you need to flash this?

2) bootstrap recovery conflicts with cm7 and MIUI. How do you get to cwr if everything fracks up? When you bootstrap you can get to cwr by doing battery pulls.

Answer from bikedude880 @ rootzwiki
It is highly recommended to install cwm via Rom Manager as CM7 /removes/ bootstrap entirely on install. Newer version can restore older, but not the other way around. Battery pulls are still applicable.

Question posed by ME:)
I have a couple questions.
#1 can I flash a nandroid of a different device to recover this one if things go wrong?

#2 when updating the cm7gb revnumbers kang, do we have to factory reset and wipe data/cache?

#3 can you reflash on top of the current rom to reset the system software/settings etc. (To get rid of scripts and mods and be fresh) without factory reset and wipe data/cache? So as not to loose apps and settings etc...

Answer from kr3n @ rootzwiki
#1 As long as the nandroid is from a d2g and has the same kernel

#2 No

#3 It will get rid of mods and scripts but I think settings are stored in data

Question posed by ME:)
Is there a way to see which CM4D2G (CM7) nightly you currently have installed?

Answered by x13thangelx @ rootzwiki
Yes, look at the latest zip you have on your sd card

otherwise, no.


Question posed by : vlambrecht on xda

This is regarding the new .608 gb sbf
So, I can flash that over my current install of Foryo + root + Clockwork?

Also, what about the unlocked status of the phone?
I have no idea how it is unlocked. Is there any way I can tell if the phone has been truly unlocked?

Answered by : sd_shadow On xda
Yes you can flash it with what ever you have or don't have
You will have to reroot after with petes root tools
Once unlocked the phone is always unlocked can't be locked again
Sbfs and roms don't touch that part of phone


Question asked by an overseas android owner:

How do I recover my D2G I bought from someone in the USA and shipped to (insert your country)

This posed the next question.

Is the USA VZW SBF the one you flash for an overseas phone?

Answered by Gasai Yuno in Rootzwiki Forums:

There are no non-US D2Gs. Use the stock 4.5.608 (or 4.5.629 if it was somehow updated to 4.5.629).

Either try ezSBF or RSDLite the proper official 4.5.608
(the MD5 sum for it is 2152ee89e314f5b282753ee56fa36c07).

Naturally, on CM7, the device cannot be unlocked.

Droid2 Global
Pooka-CM4D2we-GB-20120330 ***CM7 [Kang]***
Not to be biased, I would recommend posting up more roms than CM7. But that's just me.

Sent from my Banana Phone
Not to be biased, I would recommend posting up more roms than CM7. But that's just me.

Sent from my Banana Phone

Any other good info links? Let me know and I will add them to the OP...

Droid2 Global CM4D2G-GB-20111217 ***CM7 RevNumbers Kang***
I see you added more now. I guess it depends how in depth you wanna be. I have been meaning to get around to a section on my FAQ about ROMs. Mostly like a breif summary of each of the ROMs. That might be helpful. Just spitballing here.

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D2G SBF 4.5.607(GB) download and install
that's just an update zip not a sbf file unless i missed something

looks like there is a real 608 sbf now

and miui isc is running really good

edit: could add Update 4.5.608.A956 but may not need if new sbf works

would you happen to know where i could get the gb update ?
would you happen to know where i could get the gb update ?

Look in the OP for links...
Recomended way is to sbf to froyo, then OTA to GB. There is a new link from the above posts at the bottom of the OP but I have not verified that it is legit yet.

Droid2 Global CM4D2G-GB-20120105 ***CM7 RevNumbers Kang***