Corporate Sync Issues on Liberty GB or Froyo


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Jan 11, 2011
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Vancouver, WA, USA
While running stock Froyo on my D2, I was able to use the Corporate Sync without issue. I then started playing with Liberty ROM and found the default Corporate Sync in Liberty 2.0.1 simply didn't work with my company's Exchange server (It tells me username/password is incorrect) so I tried Liberty GB. This version didn't work either and in talking with my company's admins, it turns out the GB version requires them to disable certain security features. The GB version also did not work once Motorola/Verizon released the GB OTA.

What I am curious about is if either:

1. Other users have run into similar issues with Corporate Sync on GB of any flavor? If so, does anyone know a way around this (such as getting the Froyo version installed)?

2. If there is no way to get the Froyo version working on GB, or tweak it to make it work, is there a way to get the stock version of the Corporate Sync app installed on Liberty Froyo 2.0.1?

My company runs an Exchange 2007 environment but I don't know much detail about the security issues they reported.