Corporate email question

If I use K9 mail will I have to reconfigure my settings? I don't know what settings my IT guy used to set it up with our server.

That is from the second post. I stated that my IT guy had set it up. I never see him and getting to him or even knowing when he is in office is an act of congress. That is why it has taken me since launch date to finally get this set up. I didn't want to wait another month or more if someone here could help me.

Anyway I think I have it fixed now. I had all the settings it just would not send messages over Wi-Fi. Once I went to 3G it was all good. Hughesjr, no problem. I apologize for coming off strong but my situation isn't most where my IT guy is just down the hall from my office. Again I apologize for being upset. I wish nothing but the very best to you and your family this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.