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Nov 27, 2009
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Ok, I finally got my corporate email set up under the default widget. (The envelope with @ symbol on it). Now here is the problem. When I receive an email it doesn't let me know. I looked under notification settings and the box that says Email Notifications (notify in status bar when email arrives) is checked. When I set it up I went under General Settings:Email check frequency and set it for 15 mins. What it was doing was every 15 mins sending a notification that I had mail but when I opened the widget there was no new email. This was driving me crasy so I set it to never. Now I'm sure that is why it isn't notifying me now when I have mail, but what do I need to do where it will check for mail every few mins but only notify me when I receive new mail? Thanks in advance for everyones help.
This is a bug in the stock e-mail app that I have heard several people have issues with. I have been recommending people download K-9 Mail (the final version, not the beta), as it is much more stable (and it is free) than the stock application.
If I use K9 mail will I have to reconfigure my settings? I don't know what settings my IT guy used to set it up with our server.
If I use K9 mail will I have to reconfigure my settings? I don't know what settings my IT guy used to set it up with our server.
Check the Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings under Account Settings for the default email app. Then duplicate those in K-9.
I noticed on k9 one review was saying that it stops syncing when you switch from wifi to 3g. Anyone experienced this? Is there a fix? If I use k9 how can I remove my corporate account from the default account?
Hold on... is this EXCHANGE? If so, your frequency should have been set to "Automatic (Push)"
How do I Know if this is EXCHANGE? Also, what is EXCHANGE? Help please. Im not getting email with this frequency set to never.If this is exchange how can I go back and set it to automatic push? HELP PLEASE

If it helps we use Kerio Mail Server 6.4.2 Web Mail
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If you are using Kerio, then it depends on what options your IT department has set up. Specifically if they have ActiveSync enabled. Unfortunately, that is not something I can answer for you.

You will need to find this out from your IT guy. Ask him if you are set up for ActiveSync or IMAP. If IMAP then you can download and use K-9 Mail.

If however you are using ActiveSync, then the first thing you should try is going into the E-mail > Menu> Account Settings> E-Mail check Frequency and at the top of the list of options should be "Automatic (Push)" If that is still not working you may want to look at Exchange for Android 2.0 in the Market (there is a 5 day free trial) install that and give it a try to see if that resolves the issue.

, you do not need to remove the setting from e-mail first, install either k-9 or Exchange for Android 2.0 and like GVLBob said, just copy the settings from what your IT guy installed and use them to set it up and try first. If it works, then you can remove the settings from the default mail client.
OK, I installed K9 Mail? Doesn't work. I copied my settings exactly like my IT guy set up my default mail, now I cant send from either one. Default or K9. It will recieve but not send.Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

When I go into folders K9 Mail errors it says socket is not conected. My default says unable to connect to server now? What did I do?
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Is there some reason why you are asking on a forum how to set up your corporate mail when you have an IT Department.

We have no idea how your infrastructure is set up, what kind of mail server you have, how it can be connected to from inside or outside your organization's firewall, etc.

Your company hired the IT guy for a reason, take it to him and let him fix it.
Check your Outgoing Server settings. Most likely it will require using "SSL" in the Security settings (adding the K-9 shouldn't have affected your other mail account unless you changed something).
Well excuse me Hughesjr! I'm so sorry. I guess if I want to mail my phone to the main office he will probably take a look at it when it is convenient for him. I was just wandering if someone here could just give me few options.I had it working just tried to find other options. If you felt that this post was wrong then why did you respond to it. Instead of making some smart comment like that I would appreciate it if you would just keep your thoughts to yourself! I am sorry that our IT guy and I don't work at the same place so please forgive me since it was so wrong for me to ask the questions on here. Jay has been very helpful and I thank him for his time and his help, as for you my friend I could care less!
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JAYMONSTER! Thanks for all your help. Now I think I have it working. For some reason it will not connect to server if the device is running on Wi-Fi. I switched back to 3G and all is good in both Default and K9. I don't understand that but ok. Now back to what I was trying to do to start with. How do I need to configure K9, so that it will alert me when I receive mail but not bother me everytime it checks for mail? Does that make any sense at all? If you will try to help me just a little longer.
With k-9, unless it has a problem with understanding your server, it "should" only give you a notification when there is new mail. If not I will be at a dead end what to tell you since I am not very familiar with the server you company uses. Turn the notifications on in k-9 and off in the stock mail client... set you refresh interval and see if you get notified properly. LMK how it works out.
I am just trying to get you to talk to the guy who knows what your infrastructure is, not be a rude. The guy who has the answers can likely get you set up in 5 minutes.

You might need to connect via IMAP, or maybe POP3, maybe IMAPS or POP3S. Maybe via MAPI. Maybe you need TLS authentication.

May need to use SMTPS on port 587.

Are you using a Microsoft Exchange server, maybe a Lotus Domino Server, possibly something else (like QMail or Courier or Postfix on Linux).

The possible configurations are endless ... which is why knowing what is set up, what port it uses, what authentication mechanism it uses, etc. is required to properly be able to help you.