CM-11.0 (Kit Kat) ROM

Has anyone used smartactions with kitkat yet? I am a big user of this app, mainly to turn everything off when I turn off my display. I had used the droid 4 HD rom previous to JB and that rom wouldn't run smartactions properly. And lastly becuase I am still kind of new at custom roms, do I need both the .zip and.md5sum files when I want to flash?

I'm pretty sure smartactions will not work with any non-stock based custom ROMs. I would suggest looking into Tasker or something similar on the play store if you want to have the same functionality on CM11. You don't NEED the md5. It is basically just a check to make sure the ROM file downloaded correctly and didn't get corrupted somehow. I don't generally download it. Although I probably should.

Droid 4 - CM11
great rom o'course, only complaint is that battery dries up like hell pretty quick. i remember the ole carbon rom having fantastic battery life.
Stargo's thread on XDA has a lot more activity. I've been running CM11 for about 5 days now and have found it to be very very good. Especially since it is so early. ART run time works well and seems to speed things up. Overall very smooth and snappy. The new launcher takes a little getting used to but I'm really starting to like it. The only issues I have had at all have been: I get a gapps process FC every once in a while. Maybe once or twice a day. Does not seem to affect anything though. GPS is reported to work, and Google Now seems to know where I am because it tells me how long it will take me to get home from work, but I can't get Maps to pick up my location for anything. GPS never worked right for me in Android 4.3 ROMs either though. I would definitely give this a shot if you haven't yet. I'm using for my daily driver and loving it.
I have been running kitkat on my droid 4 and it works very well.