Charging while in bootloader

do you have the correct drivers installed?
Yeah, I .sbf'd it before I installed CM9 using RSD Lite. Everything worked well except for the charging-the-battery part. I should have just ordered a battery charger and activated my old phone in the mean-time.
I wish I could help you man. I don't know. Does it show as a devices in adb or rsd lite or anything?

I appreciate the help, guys. I admit defeat; it turns out it is much harder to brick your phone than I had originally thought, and now I know what not to do next time. I'm about due for an upgrade anyway. What does everyone think of the Bionic vs. RAZR vs. Galaxy Nexus? I'm also looking into an iPhone. SIKE!
charging the battery of Droid X in bootloader or bricked Droid X

+1 for the method working: cutting the USB cable and attaching te red wire to positive and black wire too nagative contacts of the battery. I did not use tape, just hold the wires to the contacts as you push the battery down. Then connect the usb port to the computer so you can flash the sbf file (you need two cable, one cut one, and one to do the programming).
Halleluja, another ME525 saved!

This is what I did with the help of lzord at XDA Forums.

cut a usb cable and put the red and black wires on the positive and negative terminals of the battery, put it back in the phone, then flash. Then you can charge.

And this worked like a charm. I charged it for an hour and it gave it a full charge and I was able to flash :icon_ banana:


I am so glad and relieved...:icon_ banana: Thanks for sharing this idea! It really reminds me of using my brain a little more... Electricity fundamentals totally erased until I saw this post :) On the other hand I did not even think about the battery being discharged... I could have guessed it when my phone suddenly shut down during a recovery action with TWRP recovery - or when I suddenly heard the USB-unplug sound some minutes later, when I had turned it on again. Just there was no screen on the phone, so I had no evidence for it.

One thing: The cable ends are easier to attach to the battery and also stay connected if you tangle them to a little knot. Then you can push them inside the battery's connections an easier handle the plugging into the phone.

Thumbs up, thank you - I'm flashing on :)