Charging but not Charging!


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Aug 22, 2010
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My Droid X will show it is charging when plugged into USB, yet it actually has lost charge in teh past few hours. It does this plugged into a powered hub or plugged directly into my computer. Actually I can't tell yet, but I think it only drains while charging when using Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether... Too much power consumption?

Droid Does use a crapload of power? Any ideas on how to NOT make my phone die?
Wireless tethering uses a lot of power, and when your phone is charging via USB port it is just trickle charging, as opposed to when it is plugged into the a/c adapter. Trickle charging is better for the battery long term but charges much more slowly. So yes the tethering is probably just using power more quickly than trickle charging feeds it. So just switch to an A/C adapter and you'll be fine.

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Do you think underclocking would sort of balance out the power usage?