Charging Question... USB cable vs. AC adaptor


Sep 19, 2010
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Will charging via USB cable (connected to PC) damage the battery and/or Battery Memory?
I noticed my phone charges faster through the AC adaptor as opposed to the USB port, but its just more conveinent to charge it through my PC at work. One less thing to plug into my already crowded surge protector.
no it wont damage it. its just a lower amperage than wall charger, similar to the charge you would get from the regular car charger. (as opposed to moto rapid car charger, which is about as fast as the wall one.)
No you'll be fine. I charged my OG Droid almost every day with the usb cable connected to my computer and the battery was just fine a year later. I've been doing it with my Fascinate for a few months and it is also fine

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