changing rom's...need newer system version how to for DarkSlide


Dec 5, 2010
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Here's the deal...i'm new to changing rom's and theme's on my droid x. I've been a little leary about changing things on it for fear of bricking it but figured what the heck...I want something new.

So i rom'd my X with rubiX Focused 1.9.0 and added the Black Juice Green v4 theme. Really like it but i'm looking to change.

The one i want to put on it currently is the new Darkslide v4.2 but have to have system 2.3.340 or at least 2.3.320

With that being said, how to i update the system so that i'm running the .340 so i can put the new rom on my X?

Thanks ahead of time!
There's a thread floating around titled maderstock. 340 update. Zip

I'll try to dig it up for you.

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Ok, just read a different thread on phone currently says system version 2.3.15 but i'm running android version 2.2.1

The thread says that the 2.2.1 IS the this correct? Just wondering cuz if so i've already downloaded all the stuff to change the rom to the new one with all the extra's. was going to try to get it changed tonight.

And again, thanks for all the help and stuff!
Ya iirc .340 was the 2.2.1 update though I'm not sure how you already have it. If it were me I would air on the side of caution and update to the newest system version now. Heck you'll be backing stuff up for a wipe anyway so you might as well spend the extra few minutes to get up to date.

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The Mader .zip file works awesome to update, used a couple times already

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Are you on the non leak version or leaked version in rubix? There is a way to up date through a zip drive without going back to stock(that maderstock zip will put you to stock and you will have to re root). There is a threadvinhere called darkslide quadrant , limpnick champ.....blah black blah. Threre is a guy in there named jmtownsand he has a way for you to update/install darkslide in one process. Flawless. Im not a noob so I a post a link for you. Check it out.