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May 16, 2012
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We start these videos off with a good one. Full body tracking for VR applications on Android. Similiar to the Xbox Kinect, this little beauty (reference picture used in video because of the retail version not being complete) is smaller than the Kinect, makes use of an onboard battery, and will communicate with your phone over either WiFi or Bluetooth.

While the use of a Google-Cardboard-setup is not required for this to be used, it is, possibly, the most fun. There were 4 demo games when I tried it out, and the Archery one that I mention (and use some quick imagery for) was definitely the most fun.

In the video, he states that they want it to be available near the end of 2016, so I presume that the listed release on the website of April 2016 is (pardon the pun) out of date.

Oh, and did you catch that awesome little bit that he said near the end? Free Developer Kit? :)