1. Macktion

    CES 2016 Morphus x300 Tablet

    This is to be an honorable mention for a tablet that is unlikely to get much attention, but caught my eye while on the showroom floor. As you may know, I do really enjoy gaming on tablets. And in years past, I have had the pleasure of seeing really cool implementations of controllers for...
  2. Macktion

    CES 2016 EcoCell USB batteries

    This was, without question one of the most encouraging things that i saw on the showroom floor. As I have mentioned at other times, and in other videos, I like to travel light. I also like to travel on USB power. I have 2 USB battery packs that I use on a regular basis, and until now have also...
  3. Macktion

    CES 2016 Noke

    Ill be honest, I have not cycled for at least a few years, but I can still see the advantages to a lock with 'no key' (gotta love a product that puns with its own name). A couple of items that Nate did not mention in the video: If the battery runs out (and the lock has to be open to replace...
  4. Macktion

    CES 2016 The Federal Raid

    For those of you who have been following CES rather closely this year, you may be aware that the other day, there was quite an interesting event: Some time ago, a US startup Future Motion presented a product named Onewheel. I remember the event vividly, because at the 2015 CES, one of their...
  5. Macktion

    CES 2016 Beam Projector

    This may not be news to all of you, but it was a pleasant surprise to me. This projector that will screw into a light socket has Android guts. More than just a projector, Beam has a taste of home-automation to it as well. Playing music, videos and games, running full apps, and even acting as...
  6. Macktion

    CES 2016 VicoVR

    We start these videos off with a good one. Full body tracking for VR applications on Android. Similiar to the Xbox Kinect, this little beauty (reference picture used in video because of the retail version not being complete) is smaller than the Kinect, makes use of an onboard battery, and will...