Cant talk and Browse at same time


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Nov 7, 2009
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This kind of sucks. I cant talk and browse internet at same time.I couldnt do that with my first iphone 2 1/2 years ago.But then 3g came and then i could do both.Talk for hours and send email and browse internet and check stocks,weather, or what ever.I even could watch a you tube video.Also down load video from email while talking to some one. I dont think my droid is faster in browsing internet then my 3G S. I did speed tests with both phones and they download about the same kbps.Average of 700 to 800 kbps.Now the coverage area is better thats for sure.We'll see what happens when LTE comes out next years.For the most part I'm happy with phone.
Have you tried while connected to wi-fi?
No CDMA devices have the capability. It's a network up your wi-fi and you will be good to go.
:icon_ banana:Yeah i had a feeling it would work at home with the wifi.I just now walked in from a long day and i tried it out.But man what a drag about CDMA not being able to do it.My iphone 3GS jailbroken has tethering on it and it gos with me where ever i go with my lap top.Tethering on Droid will be available soon but it will cost me extra.So far with droid i am happy and with the money i make on my 32 gig 3GS i will be ahead.I only got this phone cause i couldnt stand getting two bills from att and verizon.My wife and kids are on verizon. Thanks for replies guys.