can you return (warranty out) the bionic with leak installed on it?

It is a total crap shoot, I'm betting there are some who have turned in a modded phone and were not charged full price for the replacement, but I wager that there are many more who were charged full price as rooting/roming/flashing different os, does void your warranty and why would Verizon give you a free phone when they can charge you 600 for it? Even if it is a hardware issue, I would bet Verizon will claim the issue was caused by an unofficial leak being installed on the phone, its just how big companies play. Sorry you having problems with the phone, ultimately the choice is yours as to whether or not you chance it.

Best of luck to you mate.
Do u think if it were the leak it would have been doing it since i first installed it? Up until yesterday the phone was running very smooth on 238

Let's see. This problem didn't occur until after you installed a leak and everybody with leaks have had either no problems or something not working right. You've posted on other threads about things not working (flash and volume control) and then suddenly they do.

That being said, it could be a sensor that somehow isn't working right.

Did you install an app (or update one) recently?

Does it dim at a certain time, or with a certain app?

To all those getting bent out of shape, let me just start by saying that's how my bionic behaved.....right before the screen DIED. It's likely a hardware problem and nothing to do with what software is loaded on it. Given that it started yesterday, I give you about 8 weeks before the screen dies altogether. I, and quite a lot of others, have already been through this. Once the screen completely dies, it won't really matter what's on the phone, now will it? Hardware problems should be covered no matter what you put on your phone unless you caused the problem by overclocking.

Good point and that sounds be the problem. Hardware related, not software related.

Does that mean that the OP needs to wait until the screen dies and then get it replaced?
I'm telling you, it's the *EXACT* same behavior several of us saw before the screen completely died. Sadly it seems to be a fairly common, or common enough, issue. I truly believe it's a hardware problem.
When mine died a couple months ago, I was also disappointed. What sucked worse is that the screen on the replacement one actually sucks quality wise compared to my original launch day bionic. Remember when it came out and there were people saying the screen sucked and others were saying it was great? Well guess experience shows that the quality of the screens is NOT all the same. The screwy part with how it dies is that for a while, shutting it off and rebooting it would make it work normal...for a while. Then it'd go dark again. So you'd repeat that pattern for a couple weeks until it just started getting dark. When mine finally died it looked as though the brightness had been turned to minimum...and then, all of a sudden, poof. Gone. It seems to be an issue with the backlighting rather than the screen itself. Nonetheless, that sucks.
whomhead said:
So you modified your phone, knowing full well it would void your warranty, and now that things aren't going well, you think you magically deserve Verizon to pick up the tab for a new phone (that you'll probably screw up as well)?

You made your bed, you lie in it. Figure out how to fix it or save up your allowance and buy a new one on ebay.

When you jump into this game, there are certain risks you assume, screwing up your phone being the #1 risk. This should be a cautionary tale. Don't hack your phone unless you are able to deal with the consequences. Especially do not go down a one-way street to nowhere (235, 238, 242, etc).

Sorry to be so harsh, but this really pisses me off.

I agree with this. This is one reason I am staying on 232 until ota.