can motocast sync be disabled?


Nov 18, 2011
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All i want to do is to e able to stream music from my home pc to my phone. I currently have over 26000 songs in my music folder on my pc. I setup motocast. it appeared to be working then stopped. Constantly locks up and it's constantly trying to sync m phone with the pc. I think the problem is due to my mucis collection being so big it's causing issues. Is there a way to disable sycning?
I just keep the program closed on my computer which prevents it from syncing. Check it to not auto start with the computer then just start it when you'll need access to your files.
A better option for streaming music I've found is Google Music. Let's you stream up to 20,000 songs and gives you off line access to folders and playlists of your choice. Takes awhile for the initial upload but once done your good to go. Not perfect but works pretty well.

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The syncing is necessary in order to stream. When it syncs, it is not downloading the music to your phone but gathering the titles and information so that you can stream when you are ready. My collection is only about 5,000 songs and I have had no issues so it could be the size of your library.

A work around could be to separate your music on the computer into different folders if there are only certain types of music you want to sync and stream. Then you go into the activity tray on your computer, right click on the motocast icon and change which folders sync.

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Created new folders for different types of music. Now when i try start the music app from my phone it just locks up. Sometimes i have to shut the phone off or after a few minutes i get the force close button to pop up. Is there a way to delete all the motocast info on the phone and start over? I do i have to a complete data reset?
Go to setting, applications, manage applications, then select the tab that says "all". Scroll through the list till you find motocast, open it and choose, clear data. This should start your motocast over fresh.

If not, a factory reset may be warranted.

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