MotoCast confusion...


Dec 12, 2009
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This is probably due to my lack of understanding of MotoCast, more than it is a Razr issue, but figured I would ask...

For some of my albums on my phone, if I click in to them, each track will be listed twice.
One being the actual song that is downloaded, and the other showing the MotoCast link between the phone and the PC.

So, if the album has 12 tracks, I see 24.. Each listed twice..

Obviously it doesn't make sense to have a MotoCast link for a song that is already downloaded on the phone, but no matter what I try, I just can't seem to get rid of the MotoCast listing. Is there an easy way to do this that I am overlooking?

I can't figure it out either...i only wanted to sync with one folder of my music, got the whole shi-bang (kiddie songs, wifes' music etc) and can't remove any of it. I tried to remove the entire folder access on CPU side, then removed Motocast entirely on CPU...but that still won't remove the songs from my phone...just greys them out and won't let me access them even if i wanted to. Reinstalled Motocast on my cpu and now all the songs are usable on phone again...
its like there's no delete function on teh phone side??
was just going to post this same question. No options to fix

I see no settings to fix this either.
I like the idea, but honestly I think it's organization is not fitting to me. I am going to cancel and just use Subsonic for streaming music. Great app, never let me down in the past.
Same here...seemed clever but streaming is actually pointless. If i am connected I'll use Pandora. Why stream my own smaller collection when i have the same and more ready on Pandora.

The time i would use music is when i am most likely to NOT have service- on a flight, fishing in teh middle of a lake, can't stream anyway.

I just copied some files i know i'll be ok sifting thru and will use those downloaded songs and (insert trusted music streaming app here).
I'm using Win7. If I open the system tray, right click on the Motocast icon, click Motocast Wireless Settings, On the Content tab you can add or remove folders that will sync with your phone.

If you remove the music folder is it still showing up on the Razr?
Yeah i tried this too...changed the folders accessed- still showed up. Removed entire Music Folder- still showed up. Completely uninstalled the App from my cpu so NOTHING was being shared...still showed up on phone!

It only KIND OF shows up though. When i reconfigured to not share certain things (or entire folders) I would still see the songs on my phone, but there are greyed out. If i click on it, it says file can't be shared. So it forces me to scroll through the songs, but won't let me listen to them...basically the worst of both worlds!

MIght have been better if i had shared it correctly the first time and wouldn't need to edit...but the question of "how to remove music" seems to be a problem.
From the Motorola website:

What should I do if MotoCast Wireless freezes?

If you inadvertently attempted to share many tens or hundreds of thousands of items you may find that the sync process is taking too long or that application performance is slowing down.

In these situations, you may want to reset MotoCast, change your desktop settings to share less content, then re-sync MotoCast again.

The below procedure allows you to accomplish this task in these types of situations.

1. Touch Apps

2. Touch Settings

3. Touch Applications

4. Touch Manage Applications

5. Touch All

6. Touch MotoCast

7. Touch Clear data

This will clear the MotoCast databases and place the device apps back to their intial state.

Thanks OverResearched...that might have solved my problem. And also seems to confirm you can't clear out individual songs- like duplicates. Need to clear the entire data set, then have your folders cleaned up to upload/sync only the songs u want.