Can I install the update on a rooted phone?


Mar 12, 2012
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I recently rooted my Droid-X, and have done very little with the root capabilities.
I have used Titanium Backup to backup apps and system data to the memory card.
And I have installed and tested the WiFi Tether program.
These are the only two things I have used root access for.

Should I apply the new Verizon 4.5.621 update to my rooted phone?
Or will it cause problems?


If you take the update you will lose root and there is no root method for 621 yet. You can use voodoo rootkeeper app before you update and that should keep you rooted on 621. If you update to 4.5.621 you'll be stuck there because you can't sbf your way back, you can only use the 621 sbf all the others won't work. It's your call but many rooted people who have taken the update regret doing it. There's alot of info about it on this and other forums so i would check it out before going any further. I for one won't take the update because i have no reason to i enjoy being rooted and flashing roms plus everything else that goes with it. The negatives outweigh the positives if i were to update. Just my 2 cents.

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i'm on rooted .605, on the tbh special, stock. i see no reason to update unless/until tbh or someone else delivers a rooted, deodexed 621. it may not happen, given that we're at the very tail end of the x's life cycle... i'll stay with 605 until june, then get the latest 4g device (rootable of course).
Hi. i'm rooted on 2.3.6 and I've updated to . Did I lost the root or somthing? is it really updated now?