Should I root?


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Dec 3, 2010
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Hi guys,

I still can't get the OTA update for my stock froyo and I'm wondering if I should install the rooted build instead of waiting for OTA. Are there any advantages to the OTA build over rooted (other than having software updates available OTA, which probably won't happen given the life stage of this phone)? Are there any real advantages to rooting? The only one I can think of is overclocking, but I can't think of a practical application for this. Perhaps using titanium backup as well, but it's easy to back up my uSD to my computer, and I've never had a phone crash.

What do you think? Should I grab the rooted GB, or wait for OTA?
To me the biggest thing is tethering and removing the apps I don't want. Rooting is just like having admin privileges. I like to have control of my device.

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