Broken glass on Bionic - repair or replace?


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Aug 10, 2012
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Hey guys, just wanna get some opinions from the community on which way you'd handle it...
Dropped my Bionic, totally shattered the glass. My contract isn't up for a few more months, but I have Asurion so my options are as follows:

  1. Replace through Asurion (claim broken) and be done with it - $99 deductible
  2. Replace through Asurion (claim lost) - $99 deductible. Is there any value to a broken phone like that (after they blacklist it) to where I could sell on eBay to at least recoup the deductible?
  3. Buy glass replacement - $45. Is it easy to replace the glass?

Thanks for your time,
I'd probably just replace it through Asurion, that's what you got insurance for after all, isn't it? Sure replacing it yourself is cheaper, but do you have the info and tools to do so yourself? The way I see it (for those that pay insurance on their phone anyway) if you have it, use it.