Insurance? Worth the Cost? Options?

It is a 60/40 split with Assurion new devices like the Incredible most likely will be new because it is a new product and the replacement warehouse doesn't have many refurbs in yet. Older devices chances are it is a refurb but it is a 60/40 split. I carry insurance on my device but I have had cell phones in the past where I didn't think it was necessary.
Insurance? Worth the Cost?
Worth is always subjective, regardless of topic.

I've never had issues with Asurion but I've never needed to replace a smartphone so far. I carry insurance on my Droid but I don't see what that has to do with anyone else's decision to carry insurance or not. It's a judgment call that each person needs to make.

But what are your options if you break something without insurance?

1. Retail price $529 from Verizon for a new retail phone.
2. Repair from HTC? $75 labor plus parts = $225ish..
3. Repair from local shop? labor plus parts if they can get them...
4. pre-owned Certified Pre-Owned Devices The Incredible is not yet available as a pre-owned phone, But Verizon sells these as certified pre-owned devices, you can be "eligible" for purchase if you break/lose your phone and you do not have insurance. The price for a motorola droid is $249 currently..
5. Use older phone - possibly save $30 a month on data charges.. When I did this they automatically took of the $30 data plan off my account. I have my "old" phone currently while my incredible is being repaired.
6. New/used replacement device from a 3rd party (friend, ebay, Craigslist, etc).
7. Go luddite and don't bother replacing the device (free!).
8. ???
9. Profit!

Some people are inevitably going to think I am setting myself up for failure, but when I drop 300-500 dollars on equipment I take care of it.
Again, it's a personal judgment call that each person has to make. You can take excellent care of something and yet still lose/break or end up with it stolen. You can't prevent everything no matter how careful you are.

I only say that as the "I take care of my stuff" people seem to assume that those that run into problem don't take care of their stuff. That's not necessarily the case. There's no mutual exclusivity there.
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