Cracked Camera Screen (1 month old Bionic)


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Dec 2, 2011
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Hello all, unfortunately my first post under this handle is going to be in regards to a cracked camera screen of my 1 month old Bionic, This is sad because i have had this thing cased in a body glove since its purchase and it has never seen the ground with any significant force, the front screen is near flawless with no scratches it anywhere. Yesterday i was trying to take a picture of my newborn son and there was glaring lines from the camera. Thinking it was some dust on the lens i turned the phone over to discover the shattered lens. :frown: i went to Verizon to plee my case showed the rep the near flawless condition my phone was in, and there was nothing he could do for me other than refer me to the insurance agency for a 100 dollar deductible.

My question. Do they sell a replacement glass lens for the droid bionic that i can purchase for less than 100 dollars, or what are the dimensions of the glass if anyone knows. please see the attached picture. thanks!
What a sucker punch to the groin! I hate that the insurance only benefits you in the worst case scenarios and not the common problems. Sorry to hear of your misfortune.
Wow that sucks man, that'd ruin my day..

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Looks like you have to buy the rear frame piece. And it looks like it is about 40 bucks :frown:
where can the lens cover or frame be purchased from