Brand new Incredible has died and will not re-charge


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May 11, 2010
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I got my new Incredible today and charged it with wall charger but did not charge to 100% and used it during the day while charging off and on. I never got to 100% and then when I did not charge for a couple hours at night the phone went to 4%. I turned it off and now when I plug into charger nothing happens (no light comes on or anything else).

Is my charger just defective or did I need to charge to 100% before I could ever use it and now it will not accept a charge???
I would just leave it on the charger for a couple of hours, and I'm willing to bet it will come back to life.
yep that would be my suggestion, if its still dead in the morning call vzw and get a new one
Uh I didnt mean for you to double post, next time you can ask a mod to move your post =)