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Mar 18, 2011
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I'm pretty sure I'm going w/ the TB for my line, but I'm thinking of waiting for the bionic for my second line.

I've had an Eris and my Fascinate. Loved the HTC. Plus I'll get my 20% discount on both the plan and the data. So I'm pretty much sold on the TB, but I've never had a moto droid.

What are some of the main differences?

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Well, UI wise, HTC Sense vs. Moto Blur. Everything else is hardware. Now, Moto locks more bootloaders which is a big deal for some people. You really have to just play around with the phones your interested in and see.
Yea if moto has that bionic locked up tight I'll be getting my first htc phone that being the thunderbolt since that things already been blown wide open

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I had a D1, liked it. Got the Incredible, was ok but nothing special (to me). Got the DX and loved it. Now have the TB and I was honestly worried I would be returning it as my first HTC experience was the Inc...but I love the TB, a much better built phone. My only complaint is battery, which hasnt been that bad, but Im just coming from the DX that had an extended battery and custom ROM and I could easily get 15+ of good use. I think once we start seeing ROMs for the TB and a decent slim extended battery the Tb will do alot better.
Yea definately seeing good things for the tb in the future and I've seen one basic rom so far for it as well

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Thanks guys. I think I'll just get one tb for now, wait a while, see what comes out, then figure out what I want.

In other cool news, now that my fascinate is rooted, SC'd, OC'd etc. an old coworker wants to buy it for 300.
With my ne2 I'll be paying 200. yay.

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