Bootstrap recovery gone wrong?!?!


Feb 12, 2010
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Hey, so recently I installed theory rom 1.3 after rooting and all went fine. Just now I decided to update it to the latest 1.7 release. In doing so, I booted into bootstrap recovery and deleted:

wipe data factory reset
wipe cache
advanced-> wipe dalvic
mounts and storage-> format system

Then when I went to click on install zip from sdcard and for some reason when I clicked it, nothing would happen it would just hide the text on the screen and then if I clicked the power button again the text would reappear, effectively I lost the power to select something but i've already deleted everything. I pulled the battery and now i'm bricked..

I did the same routine as I did last time, I have no idea how but the power button just stopped functioning as the select button, it would just hide the text on the screen and I would see the background (that disk file with the android guy)

Any help appreciated.. I just bricked my phone.. :(
Followed the one-click fastboot restore, and all is good.
Yeah, I had the same issue. Not a big deal until your battery is dead. Then I had to strip a cable and make a +5v direct connection for fastboot to work. Haha.
Yea, after reading others having the battery issue, it made me glad to have a spare batter/battery dock..

Phew.. close call on a bricked phone
do most peeps not stay cabled up for power while doing these mods? not being critical just curious... I'm new to modding and dont want to make mistakes that might leave me stranded without my device while on the road.
if im flashing a ROM i always have my phone plugged in but if im just doing a quick MOD then i dont
I'm not positive on this for newer cwm versions, but on the OG you could not charge while you were in recovery. I know that rzr recovery can do this, but not cwm.
edit: just re-read OP and I guess you are still using stock recovery?

worst case is that you have to charge your phone while it is off, then go for it once you have battery again.

I had the same issue that the OP had w/ the power button not working, it threw up a message like "Back Button disabled" or something along those lines. then a minute or two later it came up w/ Back button restored. no idea how/why this happens.
The power button disabled in clockwork is oddly a feature and not a bug. If it happens scroll all the way through the menu from top to bottom and when it comes back around to the top it will become enabled again. repeat to disable

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