Back button disabled in CWM recovery?


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Dec 10, 2009
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I was flashing a ROM yesterday and when in recovery ( on I went to choose "reboot system now" and the screen went black. I clicked the power button again and the screen the "home" screen came back in recovery and there was a message saying "back button disabled." After going through the same process of clicking the power button to select reboot system and the screen going black, the screen reappeared with another power button click and then a message saying "back button enabled."

Anyone had this before? I've been flashing kernels today and the problem didn't return.
I think this happens if you overshoot and go back too many times. Just cycle down through the menu a few times and it should re enable. Or just flash the touch recovery :)

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Hitting both volumes up and down at the same time toggles it on and off.

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Thanks for the info, gents.
Oh, and if you decide to try the touch based recovery, get his app. It will install the recovery for you and let you support the dev by purchasing his little app.

Good luck